Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 the year to Sew Fearlessly!

What am I here for?

When our family prepared to move out of our 650sqft condo last year we moved tons of our stuff into payed storage. And by tons, I really do mean tons, we filled FOUR - 3'x4'5' storage lockers. I literally have no idea where this stuff was hiding out in our tiny condo.

Since moving I've spent a considerable amount of time in our various storage lockers hunting for things I'd really like to have in our new home.

While digging through the storage lockers recently I realized that I had 6 large plastic storage bins marked "Craft Supplies" and another 3 large trash bags filled with fabric and yarn. I noticed something very important that day:

I'm afraid to use the fabric and supplies in my stash because I think I"m going to mess something up and waste a great piece of fabric. That what I might make will suck and it will end up costing me more than if I'd just bought a retail item.

But here's what I realized while in storage - I'm wasting money every day that I'm too afraid to sew or craft something. It's costing me money to store the supplies I have, so making something poorly is just an opportunity to learn more about sewing so that I can make beautiful things in the future.

So here we go: 2010 - the year to Sew Fearlessly. I'll be starting the year with some simple projects, things like remaking old clothes into something new, baby clothes, alterations (maternity clothes?) accessories, and hopefully later in the year some garments.

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